Amazon Logistics Program

Are you an FBA seller looking to reduce the time and effort spent picking, packing and shipping your products to Amazon? Our knowledgeable warehouse staff can do the work for you with our Amazon logistics program.


Register for a wholesale account. Once approved you can apply for our Amazon Logistics program. New to selling online? No problem. We make it easy to sell with quality products, low wholesale pricing and reliable shipping.


There are no hidden fees with our Amazon Logistic program. Product pricing is based on the quantity purchased and additional services are offered with clear pricing. The initial set up cost is a one time fee which gives you access to our excel of data so you can upload to your Amazon account. See our chart below to determine your costs based on your needs. Our warehouse staff is knowledgeable about all Amazon shipping requirements to ensure your shipments arrive safely.

Service Description Cost
Set up Includes excel file of product data, pricing and images $99
Additional images Detail shots other than 2 images provided $5 per image
Product labelling Adding additional labels to cover the existing product barcodes $.50 per item
Barcode removal on outer cartons Some of our outer cartons may display the product barcode and will need to be covered for the FBA warehouse $.50 per box | FREE on orders $1000+
Splitting case packs If you are shipping to multiple Amazon warehouse locations and want to split case packs between those location 2 location split = $5 per case pack
3 location split = $10 per case pack
4 location split = $15 per case pack
Order Split by Location We highly recommend placing a separate order for each warehouse location to avoid confusion. To split an existing order into multiple orders by shipping destination. 2 location split = $25
3 location split = $50
4 location split = $75

The setup package includes an excel list of our products with all the information you need to upload to your selling platform on Amazon. This includes product title, description, your cost, MSRP, UPC codes, product dimensions and 2 images per product. Images will be sized at a minimum of 2000 x 2000 pixels and will include one white background and one lifestyle.

All of our products have a barcode printed directly on the packaging. Items ship in outer cartons which can be labelled with your Amazon shipment labels which you will provide. We can apply FBA labels over our existing barcodes for an extra fee. The below services are included at no extra charge.

Service  Description
Shipment weight management All shipments will fit within Amazon's weight limits to avoid additional costs
Amazon box label application We will apply the box labels to your shipments (you provide the labels from your Amazon account)
Shipping labels You can provide the shipping labels for your order or we can process your order through our system (shipping fee charges apply)

 Do your products have barcodes?
A Yes, all of our products have barcodes directly on the packaging to be easily scanned.

Q Can you ship to multiple Amazon warehouses for one shipment?
We can ship to any location you provide however, there are additional fees to split an order into multiple shipments. We recommend placing separate orders for each Amazon warehouse to avoid confusion.

Q Is there a minimum?
Yes, our minimum quantity requirements for the program are one case pack per SKU.

Q Can you break case packs to ship to different Amazon warehouses?
Yes, however there is an additional fee to break case packs.

Q Can I place my order via email?
Yes, we know some of you may be using auto generated orders and ay not be able to place your order via the website. You can email or fax your order to your Amazon Logistics Program account manager.

Q How quickly do you ship orders?
Most orders ship within 2-3 business days depending on the quantity and amount of labelling needed. Higher quantity orders may take an extra day of processing. Our warehouse is open M-F and closed on weekends.

Q How do I place my order?
You can place your order via the website, email or fax. 

Q What do I need to provide for my order to be processed on time?
Be sure to send us your Amazon shipping labels, box labels and product labels (if applicable) as soon as you've placed your order. You will be assigned an Amazon Logistics Program account manager to help you with the process.

Want to get started? Reach out to our staff to submit your Amazon Logistics Program registration. Call us at 626.350.7007 or email us at